RAID 409

The 2015 born band consisting of Mike The Bench Widmer (Guitar/Vocals), Iso The Wall Merkli (Guitar/Vocals), Dave The Grey Recio (Bass/Vocals) and Michael The White Thunder Weiss (Drums/Vocals) introduced themselves to the Rock community with their 6-track debut simply titled EP in 2017. Two years later they released six Singles which were later combined on the second Album Punket.

Their music is all about fighting against ignorance in stubborn societies with their old-fashioned norms and ways of thinking, racism in all its forms, profiling and corruption. On the other hand they celebrate love, equality, progression, freedom and liberalism.

Songs like Telephone, Wake Up Call and My Hand have regular airplay on Radio SRF 3 (Swiss national radio), Radio Zürisee, Radio FM1 and appeared in famous Spotify playlists like Skatepark Punks, The Pop-Punk Revolution and Rocky Roads.

Booking & LabelDMB Records

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