Skassapunka is a Ska Punk band born in Lainate, near to Milan, in 2008. They bring strong antifascists and antiracist connotations in their songs and, of course, on stage.
In 2012 the firsts tracks are put together in one self-produced EP “Purgamentum Dedecusque”, which allowed the band to play more liveshows and increasing their opportunities on the north italian underground. 2013 they published the album „Di Vento In Vento“ on Dedolor Records. 
After joining KOB Records in 2014, Skassapunka began to play shows in many european countries.
In March 2015 they published in collaboration with KOB Records, their second album “Il Gioco Del Silenzio”, with featurings from Enrico (Los Fastidios) and Dema(Talco) and played sa huge tour in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
In February 2016, Skassapunka published the single “We Want To Dance Ska”, the song gave the title to the spring-summer tour
2016 was the year which gave a significant change to the band’s formation and the born of a new album, “Rudes Against”, with featurings of Cippa (Punkreas), Simone (NH3) and Mr Teo (Rootical Foundation) in February 2017, which it open the homonymous “Rudes Against Tour”.
In 2017 Skassapunka intensifies the activity, “Rudes Against Tour” allow they to play over fifty live shows in Germany, Swiss, Italy, Spain and France.
In 2018 were 10 years of Skassapunka. For this reason, the band released the fourth album, “Adelante”, which has been published in February, always on KOB Records.
On the Adelante-Tour the band had the great opportunity to share the stage with bands like The Locos, The Real Mckenzies and The Bombpops. 
At the beginning of 2019, there’s a change in the line up of the band, with the addition of a second rhythm guitar.
In May, the new tour has started. It will be named after the new single “PARADOX“.
In 2020 the collaboration with KOB Records ended and the Band signed on DMB Records in Switzerland and Turbo Booking from Cologne 



Label & Booking SchweizDMB Records
Booking InternationalTurbo Booking

Vergangene Konzerte:

  • 25.01.2020 – Blaues Pferd Festival 2020 CH-Bern

(Konzerte ab 2020)